Meenakari Jewelry – An Ancient Indian Jewelry Tradition

Jewelry is such a fascinating field that the desire to create a better piece than before has always kept the jewelry designers busy in experimenting with new designs using new materials. Even people who love to adorn jewelry find the idea of experimenting with different metals and designs refreshing. This certainly heightens the fashion quotient of the person wearing it as variety is what the modern generation always demands for.

Modern Day Jewelry of the Indian Bride

Bridal jewelry gains the maximum attention of all due to its exquisite designs and the aura attached to it which gives a charismatic look to the bride. However; the modern age prefers some new styles in bridal designs as well in order to give a perfect blend of modern and traditional appearance to the bride on the most important event of her life.

The most important influence over bridal jewelry in India has been brought by Kundan, Rajasthani Meenakari and Thewa works which play a pivotal role in shaping the beautiful designs and carving the shapes of the modern day jewelry of the Indian bride.

Characteristics of Bridal Jewelry Collection

Here is a list of the basic features of the bridal jewelry collection:

  • The symbol of rich culture with a traditional value attached to it.
  • Exquisite look to give a divine appearance to the bride on the occasion.
  • Uniqueness brought out with the modern touch to make it a valuable gift.

So, it basically consists of the blend of the best characteristics of traditional jewelry from all the parts of India. Delicate minute detailing, potential use of precious gem stones and exquisite meena works and intricacy of the design form an important part of Indian bridal jewelry.

Influence of Rajasthan’s Meenakari on Bridal Jewelry

Dazzling meenakari works of Rajasthan has greatly influenced the bridal jewelry collection of India. The beauty of this art lies in the intensity of technical skills required for its creation which gives perfection to the ornaments with meenakari designs.

Raja Man Singh of Mewar is regarded as the patron of the meenakari art in 16th century Jaipur due to whose efforts this art gained a wide applaud among the people. Jaipur became the hub of meenakari art with the influx of highly skilled craftsman from Lahore. In a few years, the talent of the craftsmen made the place a specialized centre of meenakari designing.


What is Meenakari?

Meenakari designing basically refers to the process of coating grooves or engravings in ornaments with colored enamels. A wide variety of metals can be used for meenakari designing which include brass, copper, silver and gold. The jewelry highlights depressions similar to a popular design or animal figurines or images of gods and goddess. The idea behind this is to give the appearance of a picture. The look of the pictures is enhanced by filling the enamels which gives a vivid clarity to the theme according to which the grooves were designed. So, meenakari jewelry is used to beautifully express various themes and occasions and give exquisite look to it. This is one of most applauded features of the meenakari technique which distinguishes it from others.


There are chiefly two types of meenakari art which are popular. First is “Ek rang khula” and the other type is “Panchrangi meena.”

In Ek rang khula enamel, a single colour is used. When ek rang khula type is used for creating meenakari jewelry for the bride, then it’s a wonderful idea to match the color with the bridal clothes.


It helps in highlighting the jewelry by accentuating the beauty of the matching earrings, necklaces, bangles and armbands. It is used basically with more sober colors which include mute and white pastels to embellish one’s looks.

The word panchrangi refers to the use of five colours which include white, pale blue, dark blue, red and dark green. These are such vibrant colors that their usage gives an exciting look to the Indian traditional bridal jewelry.


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